Eddie Patella Highlights the Health Benefits of Golf

Eddie Patella

October 25, 2021

Eddie Patella (10)

Eddie Patella loves golf because it takes him out of the house to engage with friends and others. However, he notices many people believe golf provides little exercise benefits. That idea is simply untrue. While he admits that golf won’t offer a comprehensive workout like other sports, it remains a healthy activity. Here are a few ways golf can improve your physical health.


Why Eddie Patella Loves Golf

Did you know that any form of exercise gets your heart pumping? Even golf! Eddie Patella believes that golf can provide a very heart-healthy exercise routine. First, you’ll walk throughout the course from hole to hole. Golf courses cover many acres and offer a full day of walking. He estimates at least 30-60 minutes of walking during each trip, which is more than enough for most people.


Even better, you’ll quickly go over the 10,000 steps you need every day to lose weight. Though your walking may not be high intensity, it’s still beneficial. Low-intensity exercise like walking often provides many people with real weight loss benefits. Of course, you’ll have to work longer to get these benefits, but you’ll more than exceed that time while out on the course.


However, you’ll also get exercise carrying your bag and swinging. Each swing also works various muscles throughout the body. Eddie Patella states that many of these muscles don’t get worked in any other way. As a result, you can not only increase your strength but your flexibility. The unique challenge of the proper golf swing will put your body to the test in so many ways.


Your swing requires not only physical acuity but mental focus. Many people feel mentally energized after golf. Focusing on a swing and lining up shots will work your brain and force you to remember past shot attempts. Remembering previous swings keeps your mind active and also improves your planning capability. After all, each successful golf shot requires adjustments and planning.


Eddie Patella also states that these benefits are most pronounced when not using a golf cart. Simply put, golf carts remove many of the physical aspects of golf and decrease its usefulness. However, even people who ride carts still get benefits. After all, they’re out in the sun, breathing fresh air, and working their body physically. Even if a golf swing doesn’t look like exercise, it is very challenging to perfect.


As a result, golf remains a great exercise option for those who may not enjoy other competitive sports. Even if your swing isn’t so hot, the chance to work your body in this way shouldn’t be ignored. Just as importantly, golf is a powerful way to connect with others and have fun. Don’t downplay the importance of joy in your life! A little laughter at a poor shot may improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and more.